The Next Big Restaurant Sector? Exploring the Digitally Native Brand

Sunday, July 9
George R. Brown Convention Center, Halls A & B
Tech & Innovation Stage, 2:00pm - 2:45pm

In recent years we have seen an explosion of new brands entering the market without the start-up overhead of a physical location. With the increased use of delivery and the advent of ghost kitchens, brands have had the luxury of 'going virtual', either testing out new markets or launching entire brands in the digital space. With web 3.0 and the growing use of NFTs, the need to have had a brick-and-mortar business prove your concept is no longer a precursor to having 'the next big thing' in the restaurant industry.

Join TRA board member Bryan Solar (Chief Product Officer, SpotOn) to discuss what the future of this sector looks like, as he is joined by Geoff Alexander (President & CEO, Wow Bao), Aaron Emrich (Director, General Manager Southwest, UberEats), and Meredith Sandland (CEO, Empower Deliver). They will discuss the ups, downs, ins, and outs of what launching a purely virtual brand entails, and, whether or not they think it will be a permanent part of the restaurant industry.


Bryan Solar, Chief Product Officer, SpotOn
Geoff Alexander, President & CEO, Wow Bao
Aaron Emrich, Director, General Manager Southwest, UberEats
Meredith Sandland, CEO, Empower Delivery