The Long Road: Improving Employee Skills Today For a Lifelong Career

Sunday, July 9
George R. Brown Convention Center, Halls A & B
Tech & Innovation Stage, 11:00am - 11:45am

Staffing shortages remain the most prevalent challenge to our industry, not only in sourcing good talent, but engaging them and keeping them loyal to your business. With turnover rates remaining at 157% or above, how you handle your employees engagement and sense of value is critical to the stability of your business. This is especially critical when you are trying to fill management positions. Promotion from within - and ensuring your employees are getting the training and upskilling needed to be ready for promotion - is a key tactic to achieve this employment stability.

Join moderator Tony Abruscato (CMO, TRA) for an engaging discussion on the tools tactics and strategies available to your business that can support a robust employment training and retention program with panelists Cara Blackledge (Texas Development Manager, Qwick), Alli Jarrett (Owner, Harold's Kitchen), Matthew Mabel (Owner/CEO, Surrender, Inc.) and Reggie Martin (Owner, LeMond Kitchen, Chair, Houston Hospitality Alliance).



Tony Abruscato, Chief Marketing Officer, Texas Restaurant Association
Cara Blackledge, Texas Development Manager, Qwick
Alli Jarrett, Owner, Harold's Kitchen
Matthew Mabel, Owner/CEO, Surrender, Inc.
Reggie Martin, Owner, LeMond Kitchen, Chair, Houston Hospitality Alliance