TRA Investment Bootcamp

Presented by The Davis/Yost Group at Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

This session was part of the pre-Show education of the 2023 Texas Restaurant Show. Stay tuned for 2024's topics and registration!

Creating and growing a successful business is seldom just about money. Neither is the decision to exit the business, whether that exit is through an IPO, merger with another company, private sale, or succession within the family. The process is intense, the details are complex; and the decisions are often an unexpected combination of personal and financial. Join TRA’s two-part Investment Bootcamp which will address this with the following sessions: Family Business Succession and Positioning Your Company for the "Next Phase".

Presenters and panelists included:
Paul Stam, JD, LL.M., M.S.: Executive Director, Trusts and Estates Strategist, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

Drell Adams, CFP®: Assistant Vice President, Financial Planning Director, Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management
Scott Winship: Managing Director, Gulfstar Group
David Cary: Cary Impact Advisors, LLC